unfolding: Fashioning a Body of Work

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Caroline O'Brien joins us on our blog unfolding to share some inspiration behind the costume gallery exhibit she is guest curating at The Theatre Centre gallery as part of Map by Years.

"as she [Peggy] maps the years with a beautiful array of dance, she has chosen to offer a retrospective of some of the singular works through some of their designers"

The Theatre Centre, February 21 - 25. Featuring the world premiere of a new work by Sarah Chase for Peggy Baker - unmoored - and three of Peggy's Landmark Solos danced by Natasha Bakht, Mairi Greig, Kate Holden, Andrea Nann, and Jessica Runge. More Information >

January 15 - February 22. GYROKINESIS® expands, reinvigorates and re-educates the body to move with fluidity, relaxation, and power. Join this drop-in series with Andrea Nann to find your inner ocean!

“Peggy is a true dance bohemian: she knows how to play up against contemporary orthodoxy and turn it on its head. It’s why she is a great artist… There is always method in what she does, but what she does is always unexpected and always a joy to watch…” 

- Mikhail Baryshnikov