FluxDelux is a 90-minute no-experience-required workshop for people of all ages that creates a spontaneous choreography celebrating the poetics of space using a tailor-made iOS app. A simple set of guidelines set a group of people - on their feet or in their wheelchairs - in motion, creating ever-evolving, constantly recalibrating, gloriously eventful group choreography. Led by Peggy Baker, FluxDelux marries contemporary dance with cutting-edge new media technology designed by creative technologist Jacob Niedzwiecki. Movement instructions are delivered to pedestrians and wheelchair users via the appthough earphones, or through push notifications for Deaf and hard-of-hearing participants.

Using the custom iPhone app OR our audio file OR Peggy’s simple set of instructions, anyone can join in, negotiating space with creative physicality and generosity.

FluxDelux was created with Tangled Art + Disability and students from Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.

What You’ll Need

  • iPhone or smartphone if you have one

  • headphones

  • sensible shoes

  • comfortable clothes that are easy to move in

  • make sure you have a safe pocket for your device

  • water bottle

  • your sense of adventure

  • travel light

  • avoid heavy or unwieldy bags

FluxDelux participants, Ottawa 2015. Photography by Michel Dozois.

FluxDelux participants during Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2015. Photography by Sean Howard.

FluxDelux participants at Nathan Phillips Square as part of the Parapan Am Games, 2015. Photography by Nicole Myers. 

Flux Delux is supported by: