From 2002 – 2010, Peggy Baker passed on six of her choreographies to other dancers and filmed the process. A booklet and DVD set for each year of the project have been compiled, containing this footage as well as writing by Peggy and our literary manager, Amy Bowring, and sketches by Jerry Silverberg. The DVDs take the viewer on a self-directed journey into the choreography, allowing students and scholars the opportunity to immerse themselves in one of Peggy Baker’s landmark solo pieces.


Brahms Waltzes (1992) & In a Landscape (1995)

Brahms Waltzes (1992) & In a Landscape (1995)


Yang (1998) & Sanctum (1991)


Unfold (2000) & Brute (2000)

The booklets/DVD sets of The Choreographer’s Trust are available for long-term loan from Dance Collection Danse in Toronto.  To enquire about borrowing a set, please contact Amy Bowring – amy@dcd.ca.

To request a set of Choreographer’s Trust DVD materials for your library’s permanent dance collection, please contact Meredith Potter.

Please note that due to copyright, The Choreographer’s Trust sets are not available for sale. The choreographic material presented in the booklets and DVDs is owned by Peggy Baker. It is intended for use in classroom/studio context by dance students and scholars and offered via a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for educational purposes only. Should you wish to perform this work in any context, including performances within educational institutions, you will require a license agreement for Peggy Baker. To enquire about licensing, please contact .

Below, in a video with poor audio (turn your volume up!), Peggy describes first hand each of the pieces that were passed on during The Choreographer’ Trust.