stone leaf shell skin

tone leaf shell skin (2014) was a trio created for dancers Ric BrownMateo Galindo Torres, and Sean Ling; featuring a commissioned score by Juno-nominated composer Heather Schmidt, performed by cellist Shauna Rolston. stone leaf shell skin was inspired by the pristine, exquisite, and highly eroticized black and white photographs of Edward Weston. The choreography captured the essential duality of male and female, and the tension of imagery that careens from the actual, to the abstract and erotic.


choreography: Peggy Baker

score: Heather Schmidt

cellist: Shauna Rolston


Ric Brown

Mateo Galindo Torres

Sean Ling


… beautifully crafted and elegant juxtapositions of real and imagined worlds.
— Kathleen Smith, NOW Magazine
…a winner…
— Paula Citron, Globe and Mail


stone leaf shell skin. Photography by Makoto Hirata