Oriana Pagnotta
Metcalf Arts Management Intern

Oriana Pagnotta is a contemporary dance artist and producer newly based in Toronto. As a producer, she has served as an operations manager, artistic producer, production coordinator, and artistic associate including for Fairy Tales Presentation Society, Momo Mixed Ability Dance, University of Calgary Dance Division, W&M Dance Projects, and Dancers’ Studio West – DSW. Pagnotta holds a B.A. with Distinction in Dance from the University of Calgary (2009) and an Arts Management Certificate (2015, Rozsa Foundation). Her movement practice includes a strong interest in somatic work, theatre, and feminism. Her choreography has been presented by Springboard Performance, W&M Dance Projects’ SURGE Co., DSW, Dance Montage, Soulocentric Festival, and Urban Curvz. She has rehearsal directed for Tania Alvarado, Iris Heitzinger, and Milan Kozanek. Pagnotta is currently Artistic Associate with MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre (Jan Derbyshire) and Rehearsal Director with pounds per square inch (Gerry Trentham). She is also a certified DanceAbility International Teacher; her on-going dance practice informs her connection to the arts community.