Map by Years

February 21 – 25, 2018 at The Theatre Centre

Featuring the reconstruction of three of Peggy Baker's landmark solos:

Her Heart (1993) for dancer Jessica Runge with pianist Peter Longworth;

Krishna’s Mouth (2003) double cast for Natasha Bakht and Andrea Nann with cellist Anne Bourne; and

Portal (2008) double cast for Kate Holden and Mairi Greig, who dance in silence

alongside the world premiere of:

unmoored - a new work created for Peggy Baker by Sarah Chase.

This program explores the role of personal history in the creation of solo works and as a crucial aspect of embodiment as new performers bring the details of their own lives to bare on works that emerged through the history of another. Our Three RBC Emerging Artists will have the exceptional opportunity of working alongside the professional dancers, to be coached individually and to be presented in a special showcase performance on Friday February 23.


choreography: Peggy Baker

lighting design: Marc Parent

td/sm: Gabriel Cropley

cellist: Anne Bourne

pianist: Peter Longworth


Jessica Runge

Natasha Bakht

Andrea Nann

Kate Holden

Mairi Greig

Peggy Baker

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