Map by Years

Map by Years features live performances by an accomplished company of outstanding dancers.  See celebrated Canadian dance artist Peggy Baker back on stage in the new Sarah Chase dance-story, unmoored, as well as three landmark Baker solos: Her Heart - danced by Jessica Runge; Krishna’s Mouth - danced alternately by Andrea Nann and Natasha Bakht; and Portal - danced alternately by Kate Holden and Mairi Greig. With live cello and piano, experience the power and beauty of the art of dance!

unmoored - a new work created for Peggy by Sarah Chase
a companion piece to 2004's The Disappearance of Right and Left

alongside the reconstruction of three of Peggy's landmark solos:

Her Heart (1993) for dancer Jessica Runge with pianist Cheryl Duvall;

Krishna’s Mouth (2003) double cast for Natasha Bakht and Andrea Nann with cellist Anne Bourne; and

Portal (2008) double cast for Kate Holden and Mairi Greig, who dance in silence.
Winner of the 2008/09 Dora Mavor Moore awards for Outstanding Performance and New Choreography.


choreography: Peggy Baker

lighting design: Marc Parent

td/sm: Gabriel Cropley

sound design: Debashis Sinha

costume design & wardrobe: Robyn Macdonald

costume design: Caroline O'Brien

cellist: Anne Bourne

pianist: Peter Longworth (rehearsal)
Cheryl Duvall (performance)


Peggy Baker

Natasha Bakht

Mairi Greig

Kate Holden

Andrea Nann

Jessica Runge


the economy and expressiveness of a fine etching…heroic, mysterious, sublime.
— Michael Crabb, Toronto Star, of "Portal"

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