interior with moving figures

This is a program title for the presentation of Peggy Baker Dance Projects’ choreographies in art gallery spaces. This site-specific format premiered at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2011, during which we presented 4  works in 4 of the AGO’s galleries simultaneously for 70 minutes: Peggy’s Strand, move and three story house; and Doug Varone’s armour. Each of the works cycled between 4 – 7 times during the 70 minutes, and the audience was free to visit each of the galleries and discover the different works at their own pace.


choreographer: Peggy Baker

choreographer: Doug Varone


Peggy Baker
Larry Hahn

I love the notion of a fluid, mobile audience and I designed interior with moving figures to allow gallery visitors the utmost freedom. Close proximity to the dancers provides a rare, intimate view of the performance, while a broader perspective combines the effect of the dance with the impact of the visual art or architecture that surrounds it.
— Peggy Baker


interior with moving figures can be tailored to fit different gallery spaces and budgets. To discuss programming options, please contact Meredith Potter.


interior with moving figures, at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Photography by Meredith Potter.