Inside the Art

Inside the Art presentations offer audiences a journey into the heart of the ideas that underlie Peggy Baker’s works as a choreographer and interpreter, and a glimpse of the inner workings of danced art.


In this intimate  presentation, Peggy explores the power of gesture, a choreographic element that can define character, distill the charge of emotion, or reveal the essence of musical accompaniment with striking economy and impact. Peggy discusses and demonstrates the potency of gesture through a series of dances – her three works Unfolda true story and Strand and Doug Varone’s Home – that employ this essential choreographic device in very different ways.  She is joined by veteran dance artist Larry Hahn (Doug Varone and Dancers, NYC) for Home.

This work can be presented on stage as well as in low-tech environments such as studios, galleries, and foyers.


In this alternate program, Peggy shares exciting ideas about the fundamental choreographic element of space. Using vivid and highly contrasting examples from four different dances, Peggy, and her protégé Sahara Morimoto, illustrate a variety of ways in which the use of space affects the emotional impact of the work, communicates meaning to the audience, and contributes to the dramatic tension of dance.

Information and bookings: Meredith Potter

Excerpts from Unfold (2000) and Home (1998) for Inside the Art: The Power of Gesture. Photography by Chris Hutcheson.