Renowned dance artist Sarah Chase joins us on our latest blog post "Mapping a Journey" to discuss her work, her 30 year history with Peggy, and the making of unmoored:

"I think we are all in the middle of a mystery, and each of us experiences in our lives some kind of intricate predicament." - Sarah Chase

The Theatre Centre, February 21 - 25. Featuring the world premiere of a new work by Sarah Chase for Peggy Baker - unmoored - and three of Peggy's Landmark Solos danced by Natasha Bakht, Mairi Greig, Kate Holden, Andrea Nann, and Jessica Runge. More Information >

January 15 - February 22. GYROKINESIS® expands, reinvigorates and re-educates the body to move with fluidity, relaxation, and power. Join this drop-in series with Andrea Nann to find your inner ocean!

“Peggy is a true dance bohemian: she knows how to play up against contemporary orthodoxy and turn it on its head. It’s why she is a great artist… There is always method in what she does, but what she does is always unexpected and always a joy to watch…” 

- Mikhail Baryshnikov