her body as words

As a child, I was haunted by Grimm’s fairytales in which young girls were required to endure terrible trials in order to save someone from imprisonment or death. The story that most tormented me was one in which six brothers have been turned into swans, and their young sister has been charged with the only chance to free them.

For her body as words I am working from Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist masterwork The Second Sex in a collision with the deeply entrenched images of the female from folk and fairy tales – stereotypes that de Beauvoir unpacks and discredits in her writing.

The strange, unsettling and dangerous world of her body as words will be brought to life by a group of unique and fascinating dancers and musician/composers: Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, Nicole Rose Bond, Anne Bourne (cello and voice), Aria Evans, Kate Holden, Fides Krucker (voice), and Margarita Soria. Throughout the work, ideas of female identity in relation to motive, mystique, and the body will function as a perpetually open ended inquiry.

The Theatre Centre
Franco Boni Theatre
March 16 - 29, 2020


Peggy Baker

Anne Bourne
Fides Krucker

additional sound design:
Debashis Sinha

lighting design:
Gabriel Cropley

stage manager:
AJ Morra

costume consultant:
Robyn Macdonald


Kate Holden and Nicole Rose Bond in her body as words, Toronto 2019. Photography by Marlene Stirrett-Matson