A spontaneous choreography celebrating the poetics of space. A simple set of guidelines set a group of people in motion, creating ever-evolving, constantly recalibrating, gloriously eventful group choreography. Led by Peggy Baker, Flux is a fun and fascinating adventure in action and interaction

Flux is a free, no-experience-required workshop for people of all ages who would like to participate in a group movement experience. It can be tailored for dancers, non-dancers, or for mixed-abilities groups.

The workshop was a joy to be part of. I felt comfortable and yet it was challenging. I couldn’t stop smiling!
The highlight of the workshop was feeling present to myself and the moment and having a sense of so many choices of movements but being guided by what was within.
A wonderful reminder of the universality of the language of the body, the interconnection of all Beings and the limitless creativity that abides in us all when we allow it to flow freely. Peggy made me, a non-dancer, feel like I could dance and made it safe and joyful to connect with a roomful of strangers through movement. There is something powerful in this. I felt both stilled and awakened.

Flux Workshop, Thunder Bay 2015. Photography by Keegan Richard.