Figures in Motion

Join Peggy for an intimate presentation in which she delves into photographs that capture the history of contemporary dance, to reveal intriguing parallels with major visual arts movements of the 20th century. Peggy illuminates some of the ways in which the style, structure, and subject matter of Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Modernism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Post Modernism, and Expressionism are reflected in developments and trends in choreography.


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“The frenetic, hyperkinetic world of Keith Haring’s Monkey Puzzle (1988) is animated by combining many different interlocking shapes that fill the negative space enclosed by a circumference.

– Peggy Baker, Figures in Motion

“Kinetic brilliance captures a sense of eager and energized engagement in the present moment in this stunning piece created by the European engraver Stanley William Hayter in 1951.”

– Peggy Baker, Figures in Motion