Course Descriptions

Fundamentals | Christine Wright
Christine has developed a wide range of extremely refined exercises to address issues of articulation, strength and integration. These exercises are geared toward anatomical goals on a very specific level, a level too detailed to attend to in the complex setting of a regular dance class.

Opening & Connecting | Sahara Morimoto
This exploratory work focuses on activating the senses, enlivening awareness, awaking the imagination, and attending to one’s relationship with space, as a means to prepare for and enrich one’s engagement in class, rehearsal and creation.

Ballet | Christine Wright
Based on sound principles of anatomy, the focus of this class is movement, flow, and musicality. Ms. Wright’s emphasis is on teaching dancers skills that enable them to bring out their own innate abilities, resulting in freedom of movement built on a firm foundation.

Contemporary Technique | Peggy Baker
Peggy Baker brings the richness, depth, and immediacy of her physical practice into play in a class driven by dynamism and musicality, and focused on the expressive and kinetic potential of our bodies. The work unfolds fluidly, and with refreshing shifts of focus, through a wide range of vivid and invigorating movement explorations that address essential issues of impulse and action. Fundamental to her material and methods are the influence of neuromuscular specialist Irene Dowd, teacher Christine Wright, and choreographers James Kudelka, Molissa Fenley, Paul-André Fortier, Lar Lubovitch, Mark Morris, Tere O’Connor, and Doug Varone.

Creative Practice | Peggy Baker
Drawing from an expansive catalogue of techniques learned, discovered, developed, and practised over the four-decade span of her career, Ms. Baker shares a rich array of entry points for choreographic assignments.

Powerpoint Presentation on Equilibrium | Darryl Tracy
Recent advances in understanding postural control and balance through looking at neurological motor pathways.

Touch Workshop | Darryl Tracy

  • basic facilitation-proprioceptive hands
  • facilitation of dynamic hip rotation
  • sculpturing single leg stance
  • the upright basin (pelvic facilitation in stance)
  • discussion on facilitatory techniques and professional boundaries

Developing Materials for Class | Peggy Baker

  • simple methods for devising and expanding movement material for contemporary dance technique classes
  • suggestions for ways of organising that material within choreographic structures