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Dance Educators Seminar: Makoto Hirata
Class with Christine Wright: Francisco Graciano
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Dance Educators Seminar: Makoto Hirata
August Intensive: Jeremy Mimnagh
Emerging Artists: Jeremy Mimnagh
Class with Christine Wright: Francisco Graciano

The Choreographers Trust

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a true story: Chris Hutcheson
coalesce & armour: Michel Dozois
Dance Master Classes: Marc J. Chalifoux
Figures in Motion: Beaulieu
Flux: Keegan Richard
FluxDelux: Sean Howard
four poems for body and breath: Marc J. Chalifoux
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Inside the Art: Tony Hauser
interior with moving figures: Meredith Potter
land | body | breath: Makoto Hirata
Landmark Solos: John Lauener
locus plot: Makoto Hirata
Map by Years: Aleksandar Antonijevic
move: Paul Webster
Night Garden: Makoto Hirata
Phase Space: Jeremy Mimnagh
Piano/Quartet: John Lauener
SplitScreen: Tim Nguyen
stone leaf shell skin: Makoto Hirata
The Disappearance of Right and Left: Cylla von Tiedemann
The Perfect Word: Makoto Hirata
unmoored: Aleksander Antonijevic
who we are in the dark: Jeremy Mimnagh


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