Anne Bourne
Cello and Vocalist

Anne Bourne improvises parallel streams of extended cello, voice, and piano, for dance, media, art and words. Anne began performing and recording internationally with acclaimed songwriter Jane Siberry. She shifted to collaborative emergent sound with artists such as pianist Eve Egoyan, composers Fred Frith and John Oswald; choreographer Andrea Nann and author Michael Ondaatje; Omaskeko Cree artist Duane Linklater and Alutiq artist Tanya Lukin-Linklater; filmmaker and live image mixer Peter Mettler; choreographer Robert Desrosiers; and renowned composer Pauline Oliveros 1932-2016. Anne performed the works of living composers James Tenney, Nicholas Collins, Alvin Lucier, and Pauline Oliveros 1932-2016. After a experiencing a performance in telepresence with Oliveros in New York, Anne spent a series of summers in the mountains of northern New Mexico with Oliveros, listening, and was inspired to shift her way of engaging with sound in the world, and singing. Anne's memoir of Rose Mountain is found in 'Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening.' Anne improvised in the New York premier of Oliveros’ composition 'Primordial/Lift,' in 1998, and appeared with her on all subsequent performances and recordings, the last at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, 2013. Anne performed 'Primordial/ Lift' with Ione, International Contemporary Ensemble, Fritz Hauser, and Distraktfold at the Contemporary Music Festival of Huddersfield UK, November 2017. On faculty at the Banff Centre for Art and Creativity, Collective Composition Lab, Anne imparts the Oliveros text scores and explores the intersection of sound and gesture. Anne was the recipient of a 2017 Paul D. Fleck Fellowship at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Anne believes each creative expression is an opportunity for holding the beauty of difference through listening.