July 13th (2:30pm & 6:00pm) at the National Gallery of Canada

We are very excited to announce that Peggy and her dancers will head to Ottawa in July for the National Arts Centre’s Canada Scene, which brings together over 1,000 talented artists for an extraordinary national celebration. Peggy’s ensemble will be performing her 2014 installation land | body | breath at the National Gallery of Canada.

land | body | breath is a site specific, immersive performance work situated in the National Gallery of Canada’s Contemporary Canadian Galleries, performed by vocalists Fides Krucker and Ciara Adams and dancers Nicole Rose Bond,  Sarah Fregeau, Sahara Morimoto, Andrea Nann, David Norsworthy, Jessica Runge, Mateo Galindo Torres and William Yong. The dancers are encountered in individual galleries before joining forces in a central space, and the voices of all 10 performers ring through the network of galleries creating a rich soundscape of melodies, text, and sonic textures. The audience, fluid and mobile, travels through the galleries, crafting their own highly personal experience of the performance.

More information can be found here.

dance: made in canada / fait au canada Festival
August 19th (2:00pm) at the Betty Oliphant Theatre

Since its inception in 2001, d:mic/fac Festival has presented a cross-section of contemporary Canadian dance makers.  The festival provides a platform for experimentation and collaboration with other arts disciplines, cross-pollinating artists both geographically and experientially and contributes to arts education in our community through a spectrum of engagement activities.

For the past few years, our August Intensive has partnered with Dance: Made in Canada / Fait au Canada to offer a sensational performance opportunity for dancers in the Repertory Stream. Join us on Saturday August 19th at the Betty Oliphant theatre to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have taken part in our Repertory Stream.

Kingston Year 3 Residency 
August 21-26 (Kingston, ON)

This summer marks the 3rd and final year of our dance outreach residency at the Tett Centre in Kingston. Peggy will be rehearsing a contemporary performance, which will be presented publicly at the Grand Theatre on August 26th. 

We are looking for movers aged 16+ to perform! You do NOT need to be a dancer — we are looking for movers of ALL ages and types. In the past years, we have had yogis, aerial artists, theatre artists, roller derby skaters, dancers and general community members take part. Participation is FREE. This is an amazing opportunity for Kingstonians! 

Interested participants MUST register and attend a workshop/audition on July 8th.  Please note that you must be available to attend ALL rehearsals in August. There is not a set number of participants in mind, so if you are interested, please join.

Find out more and register for her workshop/audition on July 8th HERE: