Bogliasco Residency

Our Artistic Director, Peggy Baker is currently in Italy to take part in a fellowship hosted by the Bogliasco Foundation!

Peggy embarks on research toward the compilation of an autobiographical timeline of movement memories spanning 65 years. Crucial episodes and encounters will be distilled as text and physical language arrived at through an inventory of her body on the far edge of a long career in dance. This process is essential preparation for a major solo work examining the transformative potency of aging, and the interconnectivity of experiences and influences across a lifetime.

Bogliasco Foundation: 

The Bogliasco Foundation supports the Arts and Humanities by providing residential Fellowships at its study center in Italy’s most vibrant, historic crossroads, where gifted artists and scholars of all cultures come together to connect, create and disseminate significant new work.

Located in the fishing village of Bogliasco near Genoa, in a region of extraordinary beauty whose landscape has stimulated creative expression for centuries, the Bogliasco Foundation offers one-month residencies to individuals who can demonstrate notable achievement in the Arts and Humanities: those disciplines that seek to understand our place in the world, shaping and defining what it means to be human.

Taking inspiration from the ancient port of Genoa, which has brought global travellers together throughout the ages, the Foundation strives to foster productive exchange by composing intimate groups of 8-10 residents who represent a diversity of discipline, age, and nationality. In conversing over shared daily meals, artists and scholars learn to communicate with each other in new ways, challenging one another to think beyond the usual boundaries of culture and perspective.

For Bogliasco Fellows, the time and space to create in complete freedom, combined with the thought-provoking company of varied colleagues in an unforgettable setting, results in astounding productivity, novel approaches and often-unexpected collaborations.

Like the seafarers who left Genoa to share merchandise, ideas and dreams with the rest of the world, Fellows and the projects they develop in Bogliasco continue to enrich the global cultural landscape: stimulating exchange, exploring aesthetic experience, seeking knowledge, breaking down barriers, urging us to understand ourselves and each other better.

ce qu’on ne peut éviter de dire
May 2017 at L’Ecole de danse de Quebec

concept, composition & direction: Peggy Baker
assistant to the choreographer / rehearsal director: Johanne Dor
movement: Peggy Baker with the performers: Hubert Bourget, Marie-Phillipe Fortin, Frédérique Fréchette, Maude Lapointe, Marie-Ange Lauzon, Nelly Paquentin, Francis Paradis, Gabrielle Ruel-Gagne
music: Sarah Neufeld (A Long Awaited Scar, 2016)

« Je crois que chacun espère d’une oeuvre un sens à la vie. La suggestion finale, la déclaration finale, ne doit pas être une déclaration délibérée mais une déclaration impuissante. Elle doit être ce qu’on ne peut éviter de dire. »
Jasper Johns (Peintre américain né en 1930)

“I think that one wants from a painting a sense of life. The final suggestion, the final statement, has to be not a deliberate statement but a helpless statement. It has to be what you can’t avoid saying.”
Jasper Johns (American painter, born 1930)

three story house
May 11, 12 & 13 | CHARTIER DANSE and Jaqueline Ethier

Choreography / Chorégraphie Peggy Baker
Dancer / Interprétation Jaqueline Ethier

In his book The Poetics of Space, The French philosopher Gaston Bachelard writes about miniatures as “false objects that possess a true psychological objectivity.”

More information can be found here.

July 13th (2:30pm & 6:00pm) at the National Gallery of Canada

We are very excited to announce that Peggy and her dancers will head to Ottawa in July for the National Arts Centre’s Canada Scene, which brings together over 1,000 talented artists for an extraordinary national celebration. Peggy’s ensemble will be performing her 2014 gallery-based work land | body | breath at the National Gallery of Canada.

land|body|breath is a site-specific, immersive performance for vocalists and dancers. The work features Peggy Baker’s captivating choreography, performed inside the National Gallery of Canada’s Contemporary Canadian galleries. In partnership with the dancers, live vocalists loop improvised sounds with folk songs, throat singing, and iconic Canadian pop, their voices reverberating among bodies and sculptures of stone, bone, shell, and wood. The audience, fluid and mobile, travels through the galleries, crafting their own highly personal experience of the performance.

More information can be found here.