Private Training and Bodywork Sessions with Christine Wright


Whether you’re recovering from an injury, would like to work on increasing your physical strength, or investigate your performance practice more deeply, one-on-one training sessions with Christine Wright can assist you to reach your goals. She has an extensive background in functional anatomy, kinesiology, and fine motor control. Though she has particular expertise in restoring functional symmetry in the spine and body, she works with many different issues and injuries both in the dance and lay population.

This work is done privately and with apparatus, and appointments can be booked for weekday afternoons, and evenings. Sessions are $65 per hour for professional dancers and $80 per hour for non-dancers. If you are interested, please contact Christine at christine [at]

Read about Christine Wright in Dance Teacher Magazine here.

“Christine approaches your body with the eagle-eye of a detective. She assesses your movement patterns, injury history, imbalances, and areas of function and dysfunction with the most minute attention to detail. Armed with that information, she then goes about helping you rebuild proprioception and achieve balance, alignment, and strength in your body bone by bone and muscle by muscle.

After a dance injury forced me to have 3 reconstructive surgeries on my ankle, Christine helped me rebuild strength in my ankle and leg and brought my body back into balance at a level that neither I nor my doctors anticipated was even possible. Furthermore, in doing so, she helped me identify the original movement patterns that likely contributed to my injury in the first place, so that my biomechanics are stronger and more sure than they were during my dance career. Now, as a pilates teacher myself, I continue to study with her to expand my own knowledge base, understand the nuances of the work, and refine my own understanding of the body.” – Marimba Gold-Watts, Articulating Bodies Pilates