land | body | breath

land | body | breath 

land | body | breath is an hour-long performance installation for 2 vocalists and 8 dancers created by Peggy Baker and vocalographer Fides Krucker, and designed for site-specific presentation within a gallery setting. The performers are encountered by the audience in individual galleries before joining forces in a central space, and throughout the event, the voices of all 10 performers ring through the network of galleries creating a rich soundscape of words, melodies, and sonic textures. The audience – fluid and mobile – travels through the galleries crafting their own highly personal experience of the performance.


conceived and directed by choreographer Peggy Baker with vocalographer Fides Krucker

movement invention by Peggy Baker in collaboration with members of the original cast*

vocalists: Ciara Adams and Fides Krucker

dancers: a cast of 8 drawn from among Nicole Rose Bond, Ric Brown*, Sarah Fregeau*, Kate Holden*, Benjamin Kamino*, Sean Ling*, Sahara Morimoto*, Andrea Nann*, David Norsworthy, Jessica Runge*, Mateo Galindo Torres, William Yong

Each presentation of land | body | breath calls on all of the performers to improvise elements and episodes within highly defined compositional frameworks.

“Performance events in galleries offer the audience an intimate and immediate encounter with the creative act of individual performers, and reveal the extraordinary capacity of live performance to resonate with visual art and architecture.” – Peggy Baker

land | body | breath possess an unusually flexible compositional structure, allowing it to be tailored to a wide range of gallery spaces. Previous presentations include the May 2014 premiere for the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Thomson Collection of Canadian and Indigenous Art, and within the National Gallery of Canada’s Contemporary Canadian Collection as part of Canada Scene 2017.

To discuss programming options, please contact Meredith Potter.