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High Schools and Dance Schools

Members of Peggy Baker Dance Projects can deliver a range of classes and arts enrichment projects to high school students and students of dance schools.

“We have just finished our season with a series of really great shows. Brute was a clear highlight in our performances and Charles was the star! I believe learning and performing Brute was an amazing learning experience for Charles, one he will keep with him always…Thank you again for your remarkable generosity. It was such a pleasure to have you around, you are an inspiration to all of us.”
Sylvie Desrosiers, School of Dance (Ottawa)

This is some feedback from students at Toronto’s Rosedale Heights School for the Arts:

“Your enthusiastic and compassionate energy inspired me to perform and create to the fullest of my ability. Not only did you teach me to connect with my fellow dancers on stage and focus my energy but made me feel as if my ideas had value and potential.”

“I loved every moment of it. The choreographic development exercises that you taught us have been so helpful and inspiring. You really helped me conceptualize movement and understand where movement initiates.”

“I love the way your choreography feels organic and natural, and the way it looks both exciting and controlled.”

Booking and information: Meredith Potter