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The Disappearance of Right and Left

Created with Sarah Chase in 2004, The Disappearance of Right and Left is a seamless combination of modern dance and storytelling. Peggy recounts 12 interweaving family stories, using direct address, poetry and movement.  Each audience member arrives to discover a legal-sized photo sheet on their seat, and each of the photos relates to one of the stories in the piece. This highly accessible work is a beautiful and welcoming entry point for audiences new to contemporary dance.  It is a linear presentation, with suggestions of abstraction, but is easily understood and enjoyed by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, it has few technical requirements, and is flexible enough to be presented in a range of spaces including theatres, galleries, atriums and studios.

For more details and media on The Disappearance of Right and Left, click here, and for information about bringing Peggy Baker to your community with this work, please contact Meredith Potter.