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The four kinetically charged and visually arresting works that make up SplitScreen all have one unusual feature in common – each dance presents two distinct, but synchronous, lines of action. solo from locus plot suspends a solitary figure within the yielding curves of the void while a tiny cluster of dancers measure the pace of eternity. For Yang, two men vie for dominance in the same time and space, simultaneously performing different versions of the same physically virtuosic solo. Split Screen Stereophonic is a high intensity double duet that uses a stage divided in two to contrast two couples each veering unstably from intense connection to breakdown and collapse. And epilogue, a meditation on absence and loss, is both a solo for a dancer and a duet for a pair of chairs that emerge as players in the story of a dismantled relationship. The exceptional dancers are Ric Brown, Sarah Fregeau, Kate Holden, Benjamin Kamino and Peggy Baker.

“…non-stop diagonal, angular physicality, sudden on-the-floor gymnastics, dramatic pauses and sharp gestural patterns.”
Paula Citron describing Yang in the Globe and Mail (full article)

“[In Stereophonic] Baker offers hot-and-cold images of fraught emotion, intimacy and detachment operating within two relationships… It’s the kind of piece you really want to see several times.”
Michael Crabb, Toronto Star (full article)

“…[epilogue is ] an eloquent yet open-ended commentary on a relationship lost, remembered and treasured…”
Michael Crabb, Toronto Star (full article)

As well as showcasing some of the most extraordinary dancers in the Toronto scene, Split Screen features startling and powerful soundtracks by leading figures in the world of electronic music: John Kameel Farah / Toronto – Berlin; Thierry de Mey / Brussels; Knuckleduster – Debashis Sinha / Toronto & Robert Lippok / Berlin; and Tim Motzer / Philadelphia.

“Peggy is a true dance bohemian: she knows how to play up against contemporary orthodoxy and turn it on its head. It’s why she is a great artist… There is always method in what she does, but what she does is always unexpected and always a joy to watch…”
Mikhail Baryshnikov

winner of of the 2012/13 Dora Mavor Moore award for Outstanding Lighting Design – Marc Parent, Split Screen Stereophonic

nominated for the 2012/13 Dora Mavor Moore award for Outstanding New Choreography – Peggy Baker, Split Screen Stereophonic.

nominated for the 2012/13 Dora Mavor Moore award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance – Sarah Fregeau, Benjamin Kamino, Sean Ling and Sahara Morimoto, Split Screen Stereophonic.

previous Performances: Betty Oliphant Theatre 2013; Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers April 2014, Living Arts Centre Mississauga May 2014.

nominated for the 2014/15 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Lighting Design – Marc Parentlocus plot

nominated for the 2014/15 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Sound Design – John Kameel Farah and Fides Kruckerlocus plot

Presenters with a password may view the full length videos of each work here:

Split Screen Stereophonic
solo from locus plot

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